General online purchase conditions -

The client accepts all the following purchase conditions.
Antiche Masserie Luca Spina ( has the right to modify the conditions published on this page at any time. We recommend to visit this area of the website periodically, to acknowledge any changes.

1. Antiche Masserie Luca Spina is a trademark owned by Azienda Agricola Luca Spina, with headquarters at Corso Vittorio Emanuele III no. 123 - 86040 - San Giuliano di Puglia (Campobasso) - Italy.
1.1. Antiche Masserie Luca Spina hereinafter refers to Azienda Agricola Luca Spina, and user refers to the client, whether a natural or a legal person.
The purchase agreement is stipulated with Azienda Agricola Luca Spina.

2. Antiche Masserie Luca Spina has the right to modify the website or parts of it at any time.
Such modifications can concern products, prices or other items.
Antiche Masserie Luca Spina shall not be responsible for costs, losses or damages deriving from circumstances for which it isn’t directly liable, such as the absence of telecommunications services.
Regardless its commitment to operate in full compliance with the law and regulations, in case where such provisions shall not be complied with by third parties, such as intruders or hackers, Antiche Masserie Luca Spina shall not be liable in any way for any claim or any other type of legal liability.
Furthermore, all users of the Antiche Masserie Luca Spina shall accept the provisions set forth in this document.
Antiche Masserie Luca Spina undertakes to complete all transactions; if, due to technical reasons, a transaction cannot be completed, Antiche Masserie Luca Spina undertakes to contact the client and reimburse the related transaction amount, without any other amount due.

3. In order to use the services of the Antiche Masserie Luca Spina websites, you must be 18 years old or older; you must register to the website by entering your personal and tax-related data, which will be processed pursuant to the Privacy Policy.
By using our services, you automatically state to be 18 years old or older.
Using personal data of another natural or legal person without authorization is a crime.
Tartufo del Molise declines any liability related to the inaccuracy of the data entered.

4. The product characteristics and prices, with or without VAT, depending on the offer, are indicated in the order summary and in the invoices that you’ll receive upon delivery.
The quantity of products is indicated in the order description, reference or quantity fields, depending on whether they’re preset quantities or single products.

5. Antiche Masserie Luca Spina offers the following payment methods:
5.1 Online payment with credit card through PayPal account: this type of payment includes balance of the amount while ordering the product, and it’s guaranteed by PayPal. More information available on
5.2 Payment via wire transfer: this type of payment is governed by the bank circuit, and it requires a few days to be processed; thus, shipping will be made after the amount has been credited on our current account.

5.3 Cash payment: this payment method is allowed only in case of product pick-up from our store, only by appointment, by calling +39 347 9178789.

6. Delivery via express courier takes approximately 24/48 hours in the Italian territory, except for Calabria and islands, where it takes approximately 48/72 hours.
In case of standard courier, it takes approximately 4/6 business days.
Antiche Masserie Luca Spina shall not be directly or indirectly liable for any delay in delivery, or lost/damaged goods not ascribable to it.
The shipping cost is automatically calculated by our software.
Shipping costs depend on the weight of the parcel.
Shipping cost are always indicated at the time of payment.

7. In case of non-compliant products, you can request replacement of the same or reimbursement of the amount paid.
In case of defects, take a picture of the same and send it to
Antiche Masserie Luca Spina shall promptly evaluate your request, and contact you to notify whether your replacement/reimbursement request has been accepted.
In case of faulty products, the cost for sending back the product(s) to our shop shall be borne by the Client.
After 14 days from the delivery date, no reimbursement/replacement request will be accepted.
In case of non-compliance due to transport issues, no claims shall be accepted if the writing “Acceptance subject to inspection” is not indicated in the express courier receipt.

8. Online user dispute settlement
For all European users, the European Commission has established an online platform as an alternative dispute settlement tool.
This tool can be used by the European user to solve out-of-court claims related or resulting from online service and good purchase agreements.
If you're an European user, you can use this platform to settle any dispute arising from the online contract stipulated with the Owner.
The platform is available at the following link (
The Owner is available to answer any question submitted to the email address published in this document.


9.1 Antiche Masserie Luca Spina informs its client that all their personal information shall be treated in compliance with the law.
By using the Antiche Masserie Luca Spina website, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

9.2 The data entered in our website will be internally stored to facilitate further contacts with you.
The will not be disclosed to third parties.
Your email address can be used to send newsletter with special offers and discounts.
You’re free to remove your email address from our newsletter at any time.

9.3 Antiche Masserie Luca Spina may contain links to third-party websites.
We shall not be liable for personal data supplied to other websites, nor for any other related costs, losses, damages or else.
We recommend to check the Privacy Policy of any other website where you enter your personal data.

9.4 In some cases, your personal data may be shared with our suppliers.
We will supply them only the data necessary to carry out their work.
We rigidly select the companies with which we cooperate; all of them comply with data protection laws, carry out the services within the set times and have experience in their field.

9.5 The Controller of the Data Processing is Luca Spina; you can request cancellation of your (personal and basic) data from our storage at any time.
To do so, contact us or send us an email, using the contact info on the lower right corner of our website.

9.6 Our Privacy Policy may subject to modifications.
Any modification to this document shall be effective on all transactions carried out after the date of modification, and they will not be applied to previous transactions.