Environmental sustainability

Among other things, our company aims at preserving the environment, by preferring cutting-edge techniques to traditional ones, while preserving the typical characteristics of the territory.

Grain and legume crops are sown through “no-till” practices, which allow to obtain several benefits for the environment. It’s a conservative technique. Compared to traditional processes, which include ploughing, harrowing and tillage, this technique preserves the soil and contributes to its natural structuration, to organic carbon build-up, to reduction of erosion and desertification phenomena, and better management of water resources. It allows to reduce the levels of C02 deriving from farming processes (fuel, use of machines).
It fosters microflora and land-based bacteria repopulation. It allows to manage soil fertility in a better way, and it offers the possibility of reducing, on the long run, mineral fertilization. It’s considered an “environmentally-friendly” technique and, when used in connection with a correct management of crop changes and residues, it transforms crops into carbon reservoirs, with very interesting results in terms of soil fertility and reduction of the greenhouse effect.

“Antiche Masserie Luca Spina” uses cutting-edge farming equipment, with lower C02 emissions. Olive tree pruning and harvesting is carried out using electric equipment, with zero noise and C02 pollution.